Objectives & Activities


  1. To coordinate all Community Health-Financing initiatives in Uganda in a professional way.
  2. To act as a legal, non-profit making entity dedicated to promoting Community Based Health Financing (CBHF) for the people of Uganda.
  3. To liaise with the Ministry of Health and all Development Partners on behalf of the   participating health schemes.
  4. To conduct appropriate research on Community Health Financing.
  5. To provide technical and managerial support to enhance the skills of individual scheme staff to improve the implementation of Community Health-Financing.


The activities of the secretariat are organized around 4 program areas.


UCBHFA undertakes activities to build a strong platform that ensures that all actors in community health financing work together, build synergies for CBHF growth, put, and sustain CBHF high on the agenda. It also sets minimum standards and guidelines for CHIS operations.


CHI requires evidence based research to generate lessons and evidence-based practices. UCBHFA conducts CHI action research with its members,   and provides technical support in conduction of feasibility studies and pre feasibility studies.

Training and Capacity Building:

UCBHFA runs a training program to reach more people with knowledge and skills in health financing and for effective CBHF scheme management.  It conducts various trainings in CHIS management for scheme managers, Community Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) community leaders, health providers and the community. In addition, organizes CHI information sharing events.

Advocacy and Promotion of CHI:

In partnership with its members, UCBHFA undertakes activities that enhance knowledge and awareness in CHI at local and national level. The association is a platform through which members through a collective voice, lobby for conducive policies and support from the government.

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