UCBHFA Membership Application Process

UCBHFA Membership

According to article VI of UCBHFA constitution, the association shall have members derived from all groups, hospitals, communities, as wells as individuals engaged or interested in community health financing in Uganda.

There are 2 major categories of membership namely:

i) Voting Members:

This category includes the founding members and any additional institutions or organisations admitted as voting members through the procedures set out below:

Each voting member organisation or institution is entitled to have one official representative who is authorized to represent, and vote on behalf of, the member organisation or institution. This representative should be recommended to the association with an official letter of authorization from the member organisation or institution.

ii) Founding members:

Have been listed in the Constitution


Procedure for admission of a voting member is as follows:

Step 1: Application

An interested organization or individual fills and submits a membership application form. And attaches all required documents:

• For organisations:

  1. A registration certificate with a government authority e.g NGO board, district etc
  2. A Strategic plan
  3. A Constitution
  4. A Work plan for the year
  5. Annual report for the year ended
  6. A recommendation letter from the LC1 of the area in which the office is located.
  7. A list and qualifications of staff members
  8. A list and contacts of the executive board/committee

• For Individuals:

  1. LC1 Letter
  2. letter from your employer
  3. CV
  4. A Cover letter explaining your interest and would be contribution to UCBHFA.
  5. A filled UCBHFA application form

Step 2: Verification:

The secretariat of UCBHFA shall take necessary steps to verify the existence and documentation of the applicant and submit a report to the UCBHFA executive Committee for final approval.

Step 3: Assessment:

The UCBHFA executive committee will then assess the prospective member’s application. The committee shall seek to establish that the applicant is:

  1. Of good standing
  2. Likely to be actively engaged in activities relating to community based health financing.
  3. In the case of an organization, legally registered with the relevant authorities in Uganda.
  4. If running, or planning to run a scheme, that the scheme is, in opinion of the executive committee of the association designed on sound principles and well managed.

The executive committee will communicate the final decision of the applicant and communicate it to the applicant in writing.

Step 4: Presentation of the applicant to the association meeting:

At the next meeting of the association, the application will be formally presented to the association members present.

The applicant will then be accepted a s a full member upon paying the appropriate membership subscription fee (registration fee of Ushs. 100,000/- and annual subscription fees of Ushs. 100,000/-), and signing acceptance of the code of conduct of the association.

Step 5: Award of a UCBHFA membership Certificate

The member will then be registered with a special UCBHFA number which will be indicated on the certificate of membership that it shall be issued.

Step 6: Appeal:

Applicants for membership who have their application rejected by the Executive Committee shall have the right to re apply. The executive committee may then re-assess and reconsider the application.

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