Achievements & Challenges


Major achievements of your network include:

  1. Enrollment of new members to the Association
  2. With support from members, developed and presented the CHI fraternity Position Paper on the proposed NHIS bill.
  3. Scheme managers’ meetings where learnings of what works takes place leading to improved performance.
  4. Improved working relations with all CHF stakeholders and local government in Uganda
  5. UCBHFA and its member organizations used as a source of information on CHF development for researchers and promoters.
  6. Initiated, started and sustained CHF schemes amidst Government’s free health services.


  • Inadequate growth of schemes
  • Inadequate management capacities especially at scheme level
  • Limited geographical coverage of schemes; schemes are not yet initiated in Eastern and Northern Uganda
  • Limited resources which slows down the implementation of programs
  • Absence of a standard management information system limiting the generation and effective processing of schemes’ information
  • Inadequate advocacy skills causing limited engagement at various levels.

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